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Responsible AI Ledger Alliance.

Verifiable provenance for AI generated content.

Our Mission

As innovations in AI technology advance rapidly, the provenance of digital content becomes increasingly important. Artists, politicians and other public figures can now be impersonated or mischaracterized convincingly through the use of this technology. Our mission is to provide standards and methods for recording and safeguarding the legitimacy of digital information. The


’s protocol offers a method for providing cryptographically verifiable provenance to individually identified items of data. Digital content complying to this standard inherits immutable timestamping and attribution properties guaranteeing a permanent and tamper-proof record of its provenance. This open standard can be adopted by anyone without restriction, hosted on a permissionless, open protocol.

Using these open standards, groups generating AI content can help users of the web have more certainty about the provenance of the data that they are exposed to. Collectively, we work to establish an internet in the age of AI that is safe, reliable, and trustworthy.Click here to try the RAIL protocoland explore how you canimplement it in your application today.

Built on a provably neutral open ledger, RAIL

standards provide:

Cryptographically verifiable records of metadata (authorship assertions, licenses, etc).

Provable timestamps through decentralized consensus.

Permissionless additions by any party.

Open indexing and querying of all records.

Options for allowing data files to be kept private.

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